Chuandong Hound Standard

Bao 3

CKU Chuandong Hound Standard

Name: Eastern Sichuan Hound

Origin: China

Purpose: olfactory hound

FCI Group: Group 6 (Smell Hounds and Related Dog Breeds)

Overall shape

Medium-sized dog, fearless personality. The muscles are strong and the body structure is suitable for activities.

Important ratio

A rectangular dog with a body length slightly longer than shoulder height. Measured from the forehead, the length of the skull is the same as the length of the muzzle as much as possible. The distance from the elbow to the ground is about half the height of the shoulders.


Fearless, firm, energetic and strong jumping ability.


Moderate length, strong but not rough, with well-developed cheeks, better for bitches.


Skull: The skull is flat between the ears.

Forehead: slightly loose with fine wrinkles, no excess wrinkles on the skull.

Amount: clear but moderate.


Nose: Black nose with large nostrils, liver color, red or brown is absolutely not allowed.

Muzzle: wide from the base of the muzzle to the tip of the nose, the muzzle is not long. In youth, there are marks on the face like a black mask, and the color gradually becomes lighter as they age.

Lips: firm and well pigmented.

Mouth: tongue, gums, upper lip and top of the mouth, blue and black are preferred. A pink-spotted tongue is allowed. A completely pink tongue is not allowed.

Jaw/Teeth: The jaw is strong, with a perfect scissor bite, and the lower jaw is square.

Eyes: dark brown or light brown, fairly large, almost almond-shaped. The eye circles must be black.

Ears: located on both sides of the skull. Medium-sized, triangular, erect ears inclined forward. Don't cut the ears.


Medium length, strong, well connected to the shoulders.


Topline: The topline is horizontal.

Waist: strong, wide, slightly arched.

Chest: The chest is as deep as the elbow. The chest height is half of the shoulder height. The ribs are well developed, but not barrel-shaped.

Lower abdomen line and abdomen: There is no excessive uplift.

Hips: moderately inclined.


The root of the tail is high, lifted up in motion, of medium length, and the round root of the tail tapers to the tip of the tail. Stay strong and hold high.



Shoulder: The backward angle is good and does not collapse.

Elbows: strong, not eversion.

Forearms: straight forelegs, the same in hunting, good bone mass, not too thin to the feet.

Department: Short and slightly inclined.

Forefoot: strong and compact. Good toe joints and strong foot pads. Not a rabbit's foot. Short nails.


Thighs: Strong thighs with strong muscles.

Hind knee: Good bend.

Ankle joint: stable, parallel and perpendicular to the ground.

Hind feet: Sturdy and compact. Good toe joints and strong foot pads. Not a rabbit's foot. Short nails.

Gait/step volume

The back is level and strong, the stride is smooth, stretches straight forward effortlessly, and the hindquarters have driving force. When moving forward, there should be no hind legs too close, swaying or forelegs fighting phenomenon.


Hair quality: short and very thick, without undercoat.

Coat color: red (change from light to dark)


Ideal shoulder height for male dogs 45-50 cm; for female dogs 40-45 cm


Any deviation from the above view is considered a defect, and its severity is proportional to the impact on the dog's health and security, mobility and work ability.


Aggressive or too timid.

Any dog ​​with obvious physical or behavioral abnormalities is considered a disqualification.


Male dogs must have two apparently normal testicles that are completely placed in the scrotum.

Only dogs that are functional and physically functional, and have typical dog breed characteristics, can be used for reproduction.


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