Adult Available

Our Lotus is available for adoption

We have made the decision to adopt Lotus a female from our breeding that we will not breed. Lotus is very affectionate with her masters but does not get along with all dogs. She will have to be sterilized by her new owner.

The asking price is $750

The chuandong is a dog that lives 15 to 20 years and does not lose its hair. It is also hypoallergenic. Lotus is a purebred dog with super health. She is energetic, playful, active and also loves having her quiet moments and relaxing with her masters. The chuandong is a primitive dog with a natural protective instinct. Lotus weighs around 40 lbs and is a medium sized dog.

The price is very low considering that a reproduction quality Chuandong Hound costs over $10,000. We have set this price because we want the person who will adopt it to do so for the complete life of Lotus and that he will provide him with all the necessary care and love. This person will need to take the time to learn a little more about Chuandong to make sure it goes well at home, but we will take the time to explain everything on the day of their departure to their new family.

Ideally we are looking for a family that does not have children or other dogs.

You can complete the adoption form on the following link: LOTUS - ADOPTION FORM

or contact us for more information